BCM 112

The Future of News Media?

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Hello again,

My remediation for this week’s lecture (above) focuses on news media corporation’s struggle to maintain authority within the digital environment.

As we all know the internet over recent years has become the number one source for information, particularly news stories.

With the internet being an open mechanism, this has allowed for user participation by empowering them (the users) to produce, curate and aggregate their own content, specifically in the form of news media.

 “Citizen journalism is when the people, formerly known as the audience employ the press tools in their possession to inform one another.”                         

Jay Rosen

The idea that now days anyone posting images or videos taken from their smartphone of an event, having the capacity to compete against the efforts of established news media brands is amazing.

Axel Bruns (Professor in the Creative Industries Faculty at QUT) however, says that “Citizen journalism fundamentally disrupts the industrial journalism model”.

Which frankly left me wondering, what does this mean for traditional news media? Well, Citizen Journalism vs. Traditional Journalism A Case for Collaboration by Corrine Barnes proposes the opportunity for the two to coexist. It highlights a case where a Jamaican news broadcaster has embraced citizen journalism.

So, is this the future for journalism?

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