BCM 110

The internet, Australian Media Laws and Mr. Murdoch

The internet

Being a millennial, my source for news stories and information generally through social media and then the internet itself, due to the convenience. However, due to the number of news sources and ‘fake news’ online. I often verify the information I encounter by looking at a variety of established news publishers (The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald, and The Daily Telegraph) to confirm the reliability of the information l come across.

Australian Media laws

  • ‘2 out of 3’ rule meant that media owners couldn’t own more than 2 traditional media platforms (radio, television channel, and newspaper).
  • ‘The Reach’ rule stops any media company from broadcasting to more than 75% of the nation.

However, these laws only apply to the traditional media platforms, not the internet. Major news corporations argue these rules should disappear due to the influence the internet has in this digital age, which could provoke media owners to merge companies to maintain an advantage over other media owners.

What’s next?

If these companies were to merge it could a lack of variety of news outlets. This would allow the owners to dictate our what information we do and do not know, leading to a biased opinion. It’s essential that media, particularly news outlets operate within a cooperative control system to avoid bias opinions and allow for a public opinion to develop and flourish.

Mr. Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch is the owner of Newscorp and 21st Century Fox, he has a net worth of USD 15.1 billion and is known for using his news empire to broadcast his ideologies and influence on readers/viewers of his media. Murdoch once said, in a profile piece from the New Yorker (1995), that the greatest pleasure he gains from owning his empire is “Being involved with the editor of a paper in a day-to-day campaign, trying to influence people.”

Murdoch’s family and News Corp use social media to mass advertise their media companies, which ultimately disregards the ‘2/3 rule’ as it doesn’t apply to the internet or social media. This provides their empire with a significant advantage over their competitors.

To conclude, Rupert Murdoch, someone who controls a substantial amount of modern media companies and is known for using them to spread his influence and ideologies to the public. Now using the internet to broaden these views to the most frequent users of the internet, being the younger generations. It leaves me wondering where the future of the internet is heading and whether media owners influence will rise or decline in the future.


Australian media landscape and laws (Video): http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-09-13/what-the-landscape-could-look-like-under-changes/8943228