BCM 112

Memetic Warfare and the Battle for Democracy!

Memes! The entertainment and pass time for internet users everywhere.

So, what is memetic warfare and why does it pose a threat to political organizations?

Memetic warfare is a form of information and psychological warfare created through the propagation of memes across various social media platforms.

Memes are products of remix culture and from a tactical perspective the nature of remix and mashup culture can allow for the manipulation and eventual distribution of information (in meme format). By manipulating memes, a creator can frame them to express an ideology or political, social or personal view. Ultimately this concept looks at the weaponizing of memes as a form of propaganda.

For political organizations there’s a fear of memes possessing the potential to create social unrest and act as a catalyst for rapid social movement, due to the viral nature of previous meme trends. Also, the anonymity surrounding threads like 4chan and ultimately the internet itself can provide those who may wish to do harm with the ability to create controversial memes and remain anonymous whilst doing so, without any threat of being held accountable for their actions.

An example of this was the US 2016 presidential elections, where threads such as 4chan and the ‘Donald’ sub-reddit were widely believed of assisting Donald Trump and his triumph in the election, with many fearing anonymous foreign entities were to blame.

After this event the U.S. government has begun to research memetic warfare more serious, click on this link to see how they are going about it and why? https://medium.com/@MichaelMcBride/why-the-us-government-spent-millions-weaponizing-memes-a894cec5a2d2


YouTube link

My remediation for the week’s lecture material is an attempt to convey the potential threat memes can have on government and legacy media “you know what I’m capable of”, by using a scene from taken 3 (action movie). But also alludes to how memes and remix culture are often victimised by legacy media (especially after the events of the 2016 US elections) by ‘Pepe’ working to prove his innocence to a government official.

If your somehow unaware of Pepe and his influence over the internet, then please click on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvgkGewzUq4

Well, let me know what you thought of my poorly edited YouTube clip.