BCM 112

How Attractive is Copyright, in the Digital Age?

C vs. CC (Meme)

As we all know, copyright laws aim to protect the works of its original creators or owners. The law exclusively allows the copyright owner the ability to reproduce their material towards the public, but it also grants them the right to prevent others from reproducing, communicating or remixing their work without the owner’s permission or sale of its rights.

Sadly however, myself and others believe these laws restrict the ability for future and like-minded creators to publish their own works, in fear of being sued for breaching such laws.

The internet is the number one resource for knowledge, but “the internet is a copy machine” (Kelly 2008) and its core protocols (TCP/IP) allow for information to be accessed freely by the public (Wall 2018). Due to the internet being a community-based tool by allowing individuals to communicate with one another, via participatory culture.

For instance, meme trends wouldn’t exist if copyright was enforced across the internet and social media. For Further reading on this idea, please refer to BCM 112 – Copyright in the Digital Age by Bensblog122.

Nonetheless, the content industry argues that a world without intellectual property would be a world without new ideas.

May l present, Creative Commons! A set of licences that enable lawful collaboration through copying, sharing and remixing (Wikimedia Foundation 2017). Its designed to allow creators the choice to decide how their work is used by others and exercise their copyright. Others can freely reuse various creative works, if they credit the original creators (Creative Commons 2009).

This accommodates for participatory culture by encouraging creators to transition from a focus of content to one of communities developing around content. Which my remediation attempts to focus on, by communicating the attractiveness of creative commons within the digital age over copyright laws.

For further reading on this opinion, please refer to Remix’s Battle for Iintellectual Property Rights.

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