BCM 112

Transmedia Storytelling: The Future for Fiction.

If a form of content is good enough, it will eventually receive the attention it deserves. However, any amateur could produce content designed to be systemically scattered over multiple distribution channels or mediums with the objective to engage with audiences at various points of interest. This process is known as ‘Transmedia Storytelling’.

It aims to create a coordinated and unified experience for audience members by creating a world across multiple mediums (TV shows and film, comics and graphic novels, video games, and even stage productions).

When l was thinking of an example to demonstrate the success of this process, I thought of Star Wars. However, its only recently been successful (not to say the story saga itself hasn’t been successful). But, instead I went for the two successful franchises of the 21st Century which utilised this process from their creation as a franchise. These being the ‘Harry Potter series’ and ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’, both started as print media content (aka. Comics and novels) yet progressed to screen media through television and film, whilst also harnessing certain technological advances that became present.

Transmedia storytelling has become more widely developed through such franchises due to it being “the ideal aesthetic form for an era of collective intelligence” (Henry Jenkins). Media corporations such as (Disney, Marvel, 21st Century Fox, etc.) have also understood the possibility to generate significant revenue and gain monopoly over the market by adopting this process. My remediation (below) hopes to reflect that understanding in the simplest form.

Transmedia Trajectory

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