BCM 112

The Never Ending Story of Social Media

In the lecture, this week we looked at media technologies, in the form of social media platforms. These days, we find it difficult to detach ourselves from our devices because of them.  The internet today is saturated with various social media platforms.

However, to begin with there were only two, Facebook and Myspace. Thanks to rapid and frequent updates, Facebook were able to develop a more user-friendly experience. And so, they maintained and quickly increased in popularity over Myspace.

Through frequent updating, social media creators aim to maintain a sufficient service for their users. By ensuring the platform runs smoothly, and successful integrates with the upcoming trends and desires of its users.

The ‘Feedback loop’ demonstrates how with every movement away from the original foundation offers a learning process. The app creators implement this to maintain the platforms usage and ultimate relevancy amongst today’s digital environment.

By looking back at the media’s development over the past decade, many are simply left wonder what it will be like in a decade from now. As with every development, app creators gain a greater understanding of the public sphere and its behaviour. My remediation for this week is simply a meme of how l feel when my social media accounts constantly update. The gif itself is representing this by demonstrating the astronaut constantly falling, as if it were a never-ending cycle.