BCM 112

Framing culture over social media.

Framing is defined as the packaging of information in a way that dictates how the content is interpreted. This is achieved by either creating new information or by manipulating an existing view and/or stereotype. From a political organizational stance, framing can be an incredibly effective tool for manifesting one’s perception or understanding of another.

However, to put this in perspective often we all frame something to express a desired idea or perception towards our audience, by this I’m referring to our online identity. As we now, its common practice to frame something using social media. By displaying who we interact with, how we interact with others, and the interests we have as an individual, we can choose how others view us or how we wish to be perceived.

If you wish to know more about individuals and their online personas, then refer to this study performed last year. It identifies five popular ‘dimensions’ represented by people in their Instagram posts by examining public identifies on online platforms: https://ojs.deakin.edu.au/index.php/ps/article/download/710/651.

Starter packs memes are an excellent way of identifying stereotypical behaviour of various subcultures and taking the piss out of them. Often the best starter packs, are made by those that aren’t within the subculture that’s featured, as they already have an observation perspective (by sitting outside the subculture, itself).

Here’s one I prepared earlier!

SC 18TH Starter-pack