• BCM 110

    The internet, Australian Media Laws and Mr. Murdoch

    The internet Being a millennial, my source for news stories and information generally through social media and then the internet itself, due to the convenience. However, due to the number of news sources and ‘fake news’ online. I often verify the information I encounter by looking at a variety of established news publishers (The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald, and The Daily Telegraph) to confirm the reliability of the information l come across. Australian Media laws ‘2 out of 3’ rule meant that media owners couldn’t own more than 2 traditional media platforms (radio, television channel, and newspaper). ‘The Reach’ rule stops any media company from broadcasting to more than 75%…

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  • BCM 110

    Media Representation and Interpretation

    “An individual’s interpretation of something depends heavily on their knowledge of the subject being presented.” Our lecture this week drew from this point as we explored the representation and interpretation of ‘signs’ within media, signs being anything that conveys meaning. The theory of ‘signs’ is known as Semiotics, it looks at a ‘sign’ in two parts. However, people can interpret ‘signs’ differently due to their characteristics and beliefs, thus leading to them holding a different opinion on the subject being presented. This blog post will demonstrate the previous statement as l deconstruct a complex/controversial image (advertising), for what it presents (denotation) and represents (connotation). Denotation: The image above displays a…

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  • BCM 110

    The Big Game

    We’ve all been a part of a media audience before, whether it be attending a live event/concert or merely sitting in front of a T.V. with your family on a Friday night. However, for me, the 26th of June 2006 has always been a distinct memory when being part of an audience. I was 7 years old and on holiday with my family and friends in Italy. For the last few weeks, we had been staying in a house outside a small Tuscan village. Which we walked into every day for food and supplies, where we were always greeted by the smiling locals and welcomed into the small, rustic town. However,…

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