• BCM 112

    How Attractive is Copyright, in the Digital Age?

    As we all know, copyright laws aim to protect the works of its original creators or owners. The law exclusively allows the copyright owner the ability to reproduce their material towards the public, but it also grants them the right to prevent others from reproducing, communicating or remixing their work without the owner’s permission or sale of its rights. Sadly however, myself and others believe these laws restrict the ability for future and like-minded creators to publish their own works, in fear of being sued for breaching such laws. The internet is the number one resource for knowledge, but “the internet is a copy machine” (Kelly 2008) and its core…

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  • BCM 112

    Memetic Warfare and the Battle for Democracy!

    Memes! The entertainment and pass time for internet users everywhere. So, what is memetic warfare and why does it pose a threat to political organizations? Memetic warfare is a form of information and psychological warfare created through the propagation of memes across various social media platforms. Memes are products of remix culture and from a tactical perspective the nature of remix and mashup culture can allow for the manipulation and eventual distribution of information (in meme format). By manipulating memes, a creator can frame them to express an ideology or political, social or personal view. Ultimately this concept looks at the weaponizing of memes as a form of propaganda. For…

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  • BCM 110

    The internet, Australian Media Laws and Mr. Murdoch

    The internet Being a millennial, my source for news stories and information generally through social media and then the internet itself, due to the convenience. However, due to the number of news sources and ‘fake news’ online. I often verify the information I encounter by looking at a variety of established news publishers (The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald, and The Daily Telegraph) to confirm the reliability of the information l come across. Australian Media laws ‘2 out of 3’ rule meant that media owners couldn’t own more than 2 traditional media platforms (radio, television channel, and newspaper). ‘The Reach’ rule stops any media company from broadcasting to more than 75%…

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  • BCM 110

    Media Representation and Interpretation

    “An individual’s interpretation of something depends heavily on their knowledge of the subject being presented.” Our lecture this week drew from this point as we explored the representation and interpretation of ‘signs’ within media, signs being anything that conveys meaning. The theory of ‘signs’ is known as Semiotics, it looks at a ‘sign’ in two parts. However, people can interpret ‘signs’ differently due to their characteristics and beliefs, thus leading to them holding a different opinion on the subject being presented. This blog post will demonstrate the previous statement as l deconstruct a complex/controversial image (advertising), for what it presents (denotation) and represents (connotation). Denotation: The image above displays a…

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  • BCM 112

    Collective Intelligence and the implications of 4Chan

    Collective intelligence refers to when people engage in shared or group intelligence by contributing and collecting their efforts to achieve a certain goal. The very nature of forum sites, like 4chan, evolve around collective intelligence and present various implications for political organizations and legacy media (i.e. news media). Firstly, 4chan is based on an involvement model. The anonymity of the site allows various users to post information without it being traced back to them, ideal for whistle-blowers. It thrives on the idea of content being a conversation, by allowing open access it provides any user to have their moment in the spotlight. With no hierarchical structure present this means those…

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  • BCM 112

    The Future of News Media?

    Hello again, My remediation for this week’s lecture (above) focuses on news media corporation’s struggle to maintain authority within the digital environment. As we all know the internet over recent years has become the number one source for information, particularly news stories. With the internet being an open mechanism, this has allowed for user participation by empowering them (the users) to produce, curate and aggregate their own content, specifically in the form of news media.  “Citizen journalism is when the people, formerly known as the audience employ the press tools in their possession to inform one another.”                          Jay…

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  • BCM 112

    Craftsmanship of the 21st Century

    This week’s BCM 112 lecture focused on Digital craft and its aesthetics But what is Digital craft? From my understanding, it’s the ability to create new or remediate existing media into original content through the use of an electronic contraption. With the final product providing some form of use or relevance for society. The ability to do this is highlighted by my remediation piece below. It demonstrates how in today’s digital world anyone, even those with a lack of media creation experience or technical skill (ME!!!), can in some way, shape or form create an original piece of media content by using an electronic apparatus. Furthermore, the use of social media…

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  • BCM 112

    The Medium is the Message

    When l first heard this statement…. I’m not going to lie but, it completely flew over my head to the point where I sat in the lecture theatre merely watching Travis’s attempt to explain the contradictory statement to my sleep-deprived self. So once I was awake and ready, I decided to find the simplest definition of “the medium is the message” to have any chance of getting my head around it. One Google search later, I arrived at Dictionary.com, who find the statement means “that the form of a message (print, visual, musical, etc.) determines how that message will be perceived”. Furthermore, “McLuhan argued that modern electronic communications (including radio, television, films, and computers) would have far-reaching sociological, aesthetic, and philosophical consequences,…

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  • BCM 110

    The Big Game

    We’ve all been a part of a media audience before, whether it be attending a live event/concert or merely sitting in front of a T.V. with your family on a Friday night. However, for me, the 26th of June 2006 has always been a distinct memory when being part of an audience. I was 7 years old and on holiday with my family and friends in Italy. For the last few weeks, we had been staying in a house outside a small Tuscan village. Which we walked into every day for food and supplies, where we were always greeted by the smiling locals and welcomed into the small, rustic town. However,…

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